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Who We Are

Chris Barnard, Marigold Resources’ founder, is an expert at identifying and connecting successful transition and acquisition partners.

Chris’ extensive business development experience serving Fortune 100 companies has served Marigold Resources clients well since founding the independent midwestern Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) firm in 2011.

Thanks to Chris’ decades of incentive travel sales
and motivational speaking audience development, his connections to the region’s industry leaders are extensive and multi-generational.

As a managing partner at Marigold Resources, Chris leads business development and referral partner relations.

He is active on the local Big Brothers Big Sisters board of directors, and supports Boys and Girls Club and the YMCA. He’s a leader of the Iowa Racquetball Association’s annual Quad City Open.

Chris enjoys making a difference with the kids he mentors, and helping local start-ups get creative.


His current obsession is acquiring all the profitable iconic Quad Cities’ brands for an exclusive investment lab.

Todd McGreevy, Marigold Resources’ co- founder, excels at distilling and distributing relevant data that expedites transactions.

Todd was running a pair of media and advertising companies, and a real estate holding company. In 2011, Todd accepted Chris’s pitch to leverage their years of prior collaborations and create a high-touch midwestern M&A firm.

Todd’s decades of independent publishing, sales and marketing experience, software start ups, urban pioneering, and civic activism enrich the customers he advises on growing and selling their business.

As one of the managing partners at Marigold Resources, Todd manages all actionable deal flow including o ers, due diligence, and closing requirements. In addition, Todd is proficient at navigating financial records, complex re-casting and working capital formulas.

Todd’s been a valuation expert witness in federal proceedings, and led several local and state campaigns for public office.

Avocationally, he’s exhibited mixed-media art works in galleries and universities, helped found MidCoast Fine Arts and the Figge Art Museum.

He enjoys supporting a vibrant local music and art scene and in his spare time raises bonsai trees.


Engaged business owners enjoy the advantage of Marigold Resources’ Advisors, all experts in their fields and proven solution providers.


Larry McDonald, is a successful businessman with decades of experience in marketing communications, branding and advertising.


In his career, Larry has been involved in hundreds of new business/product launches and campaigns. His clients span Fortune 100 companies to virtual lemonade stands.


As a hands-on farm manager and conservationist, he provides valuable insight to agribusiness.


Bill Karben, is a CPA who brings 20 years of tax and accounting services experiences and specializes in taxation of corporations, pass-through entities and individuals in diverse industries. Bill also has extensive experience providing consulting services to clients ranging from accounting procedures, budgeting, forecasting, business transitions, transactions and acquisitions.


Justin Holstein, is a 20+ yr. media developer who co-founded True Player Entertainment, a Los Angeles based entertainment production company.  He has developed many successful digital brands, campaigns and produced various films & music videos for national and global companies including, A&E, Yahoo Originals, MTV, Hulu, iTunes, Dish Network and many others.  


He works with Marigold's premiere clients to develop capabilities videos and IVO's (Initial Video Offerings) that tell the story of those companies and help communicate their offering value.


John Mack, is a certified appraiser with clients across the country. John has over 20 years of full-time business valuation experience and provides services including gift tax and estate tax filings, Small Business
Administration (SBA) funding, ESOPs, merger/
acquisitions, buy/ sell agreements, S-corporation election, stock option granting, and management planning purposes.

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