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Double your value. Double your offers.


We provide a relaxing & revealing valuation & growth workshop, all in one day in Davenport, Iowa.


3 Paths

If you’re a successful business owner, there are three paths before you.

3 paths

You can stay on the path that made your business the success it is today.

Honestly, there is not a lot we could do for you, and we wish you the best. Keep us in mind if your situation changes. Every one of our clients know more about their businesses than we do.


You can go to market now.

Funny story, two brothers working in the industrial services together for 25 years, never talked about what was coming next. One day, one brother says to the other, “I’m really sick of this, have you ever thought about getting out?”

Thirty days later they were booking flights to Hawaii.

That’s an anecdote. In most cases a successful business transfer will take much longer. The point being, if you’re convinced the time to get out is now, we have the necessary resources at our fingertips.


You can strategically build the value of your business to make it most attractive to buyers in a few years.

We’ve all seen lists of the best and worst improvements you can make to your home before you put it on the market. There is a list like that for businesses and we know it intimately.

It’s called Value Builder. Seeing how well your business scores is complimentary at

That free report will indicate what multiplier of your pre- tax income buyers are likely to offer for your business today, and what drivers need improving to grow that value tomorrow.

Who we are

Who We Are

Marigold Resources is proficient at advising businesses in the lower-mid market with $5 to $25 million in annual sales.  Independently owned since 2011, Marigold Resources is one of Iowa's leading M&A advisory firms.

Chris Barnard

Managing Partner

(View full bios page)

Todd McGreevy

Managing Partner

(View full bios page)


Engaged business owners enjoy the advantage of Marigold Resources’ Advisors, all experts in their fields and proven solution providers.


Larry McDonald

Brand Advisor


Justin Holstein

Digital Media Advisor


Bill Karben

Accounting & Valuations Advisor


John Mack

Business Appraiser

How We Fly

How We Fly

Our Business Practices

Our Day in Davenport is an exclusive, private and confidential valuation & growth workshop with Chris Barnard & Todd McGreevy.

Each business owner is encouraged to bring their spouse, key management and/or trusted advisor.

Once completed, we are here for as much or as little as you require.

This includes coaching a business owner to increase value all the way to a successful exit.

Most successful engagements occur when an owner's personal readiness to exit aligns with a business' market valuation.

Practicing good business in our book includes
non- disclosure agreements, an expectation of confidentiality and plain language, signed agreements.


Your business exit strategy is one of the most important considerations in your life.

Getting out of your office for an exclusive valuation and growth workshop  for one whole day is the most important next step to find your exit strategy.


Here's a sample flight plan for Our Day in Davenport.


Through April 30, 2021 Our Day in Davenport Valuation & Growth workshop is $3,000* for qualified businesses and includes: 

  • Value Builder Score Analysis 

  • Present Day Business Valuation 

  • Top 3 Future Valuation Drivers 

  • Short Prospective Buyer List 

  • Personal Readiness to Exit Score 

  • Historic Downtown Hotel Marriott Stay 

  • All Meals & Recreational Activities

  • * Rebated to Businesses Marigold Sells  

With over 50,000 questionnaires and counting, first time Value Builder Scores average 59 out of 100.  

For those who have received a written offer to sell, the average price is 3.5 times their pre-tax profits.


A business improves its Value Builder Score by adopting characteristics of the most successfully sold companies. Businesses that score 90+ are seeing offers more than 7.0 times annual pre-tax profits.

Afternoon Before

Arrive in Davenport, check in to the Hotel Blackhawk or Current Hotel. They’ll be expecting you.

Evening Before

Dinner with Marigold Resources Managing Partners Chris and Todd. There are 40 plus restaurants near, just let us know your preferences.

0900 Hours

Review of Value Builder Score and Estimate of Value
• Eight Key Driver Scores
• 40 Questions to Ask Your Professional Advisor

1100 Hours

Scenario Planning
• What Ifs: 
Top 3 Drivers to Grow Value 
• Short Buyer List Builder
• Five to 20 Multiplier Rule

1200 Hours

Lunch; catered, white table cloth, bistro, your choice.

1400 Hours

PREScore: Are you ready for an exit with no regrets? Learn how close you are to a happy and lucrative exit.

Take the 8 minute quiz now! 

1500 Hours

Engagement Options
Action steps and pricing
for Marigold Resources to continue building the value of your business.

At Ease

What’s your pleasure? We’re connected in the Quad Cities and can provide valuable insight... sporting events, theatre, golf, museums, breweries, distilleries... did we mention golf?


You will possess a firm understanding of your business’ current and future potential value. You will have an actionable road map to measurably grow that value.

Value Buider Score
Who We've Helped

Who We've Helped

Businesses Sold

Since 2016, we've been fortunate to advise the owners of these businesses in their successful exits.

Rock Island, IL
West Des Moines, IA
Davenport, IA
Davenport, IA
Davenport, IA
Moline, IL
Viola, IL
Eldridge, IA
Bettendorf, IA
Postville, IA
Vallisca, IA
Adel, IA
South Sioux City, NE
Davenport, IA
Newton, IA

We work with deal team professionals that get deals done.

Our Day in Davenport

is a relaxing & revealing, exclusive and all-inclusive experience for exploring your own business exit strategy.


We’re confident you will find the workshop portion of Our Day in Davenport to be productive and rewarding.  As for the pleasure part, we have a great offering of restaurants, cultural events and recreational opportunities, just let us know your preferences.

Your Day in Davenport


Click on photos below to watch video or visit the website of each option.


Exit Strategies for
Business Owners



Marigold Resources

308 East River Drive | Davenport, IA 52801

Tel: (563) 424-5707

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